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Sourced utilizes the most advanced resources to seek evidence, evaluate risk, investigate threats, and gather the intelligence needed to make informed decisions. Choose from a variety of intelligence, and risk-mitigation services we have to offer.

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Whether you’re seeking evidence, evaluating risk, investigating threats, or need a comprehensive background check, let us safeguard the process and lead you through the investigative landscape. Our staff offers a variety of investigative services to include standard background checks, in-depth threat investigations and assessments, due diligence, opposition research, and intelligence collection.

Specialized Investigative services- Additional services include polygraph, TSCM bug sweeps, surveillance, and physical security assessments. Please inquire for more information.


Sourced Intelligence offers a comprehensive scope of identity management services rooted in the fundamentals of online privacy. Ranging from Digital Erasure, Online Vulnerability Assessments, Real Estate Confidentiality and Digital Overwatch, Sourced will tailor services specific to your individual security requirements.

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Digital Erase: Sourced Intelligence identifies, isolates, and deletes your data from hundreds of websites and online repositories. We believe this is the single largest threat to our clients. Information deleted from the internet includes but is not limited to physical addresses, phone numbers, relatives, associates, emails, passwords, metadata, and official documents.

Digital Vulnerability Assessment: Sourced will identify digital attack surfaces, vulnerabilities, and threats before they manifest into physical danger or material loss. Sourced will scan all corners of the web, providing a tailored action plan to mitigate critical vulnerabilities and exposures discovered.

Digital Overwatch: The Sourced 24/7 digital surveillance service scans the furthest reaches of the Internet including the deep + dark web allowing you to stay one step ahead of your adversary. Keep tabs on what is said about you or your organization at all times.

VIP Real Estate Services: Let Sourced Intelligence guide you through the home buying process to ensure your newly acquired property and personal information remains confidential. From securely vetted real estate brokers to post-purchase security services, the Sourced team has a solution for you.


Protect yourself and your business from the ever-evolving cyber threats with Sourced Intelligence’s comprehensive cyber security solutions. Our team of experts specializes in forensic analysis, on-call incident response, counter-hacking, and device hardening, using cutting-edge security protocols to fortify your online security without sacrificing usability. Choose from a variety of preventative and mitigative solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to safeguard your digital assets and mitigate your risk exposure.

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Digital Forensics- Sourced will evaluate and fortify your current cryptocurrency account strategy, employing the latest technology in secure “cold wallet” storage solutions and redundant account recovery options to ensure your crypto is never compromised and never lost.

Secure Communications: Sourced employs the latest physical and digital security to provide you with the ability to conduct secure, non-traceable communication. We combine the latest innovations in secure messaging, data storage, and zero-trust authentication to protect you, your communications, your data, and your device.

On Call Incident Response: Sourced offers on-call threat analysis, flash investigations and immediate incident response to assist clients with cyber security and IT services when they need it most.

Training & Security Audits

Our staff provides remote and in-person, custom open source intelligence training for both the private and public sector. Additionally, Sourced offers physical security audit and enhancement services nationwide.

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Training: We offer customized training packages designed to meet the unique operational requirements of your organization. Whether you are a corporate team or government agency, our experts will work with you to tailor the training to your specific needs. Our comprehensive onboarding consultation ensures that we understand your training requirements, and we will deliver comprehensive training modules to provide your team with the skills they need to succeed.

Physical Security Threat & Vulnerability Assessments: Sourced will conduct a detailed physical security assessment of the Client’s home/workplace to formally identify and document both physical security and procedural vulnerabilities. Sourced will provide tiered mitigation solutions to enhance the Client’s overall safety and security. Our staff will also assist with the implementation of physical security measures including but not limited to secure access control, surveillance, alarms and panic rooms.

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Whether you’re seeking online evidence, evaluating risk, investigating threats, or need a background check, Sourced will guide you through the investigative landscape.

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